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Ways to Increase Customer Retention

Communication is the key for successful businesses and the right kind of communications can help you retain your customer base.

Your customer/client can be a good source of direct information concerning your business. A short survey with questions pertinent to your product/services will give your customers reassurance that you are interested in their needs. It is just as important to correct any problems that are revealed by negative feedback, thus gaining a greater loyalty to your product.

E-mail is a quick and efficient way of reminding people of your upcoming sales, events or new products. It is important to remember that with e-mail, short and to the point is the most effective use of this tool. A lot of information can be seen as too time consuming, causing many people to delete your e-mail before reading it.

A flyer or newsletter can show off your business with information and products presented in an attractive light. Some history of the company or, perhaps, a contest or sweepstakes will add interest that draws the customer in for a further look at your product.

The use of greeting cards for special events, birthdays or a thank you can bring a more personal touch to your business communications. Everybody enjoys receiving cards and it will keep your name in front of your customer without adding a direct sales pitch. Some ideas include:

  • Sending birthday wishes will let your clients know that you thought enough of them to keep track of their important day. This small gesture shows your clients that you have an eye for details.
  • A sincere expression of Sympathy for the loss of a client's loved one is a gesture that is always appreciated.
  • When you hear of a customer's promotion or successful venture a Congratulations card will allow you to acknowledge their triumph while putting your name at the forefront when your services may be needed.
  • A simple thank you is always appropriate. If your customer/client has added a measure to your success, let them know that you recognize and appreciate their contribution.

Regardless of the method of keeping in touch with your customers is used, always give good customer service. If your customer has confidence in your ability to follow through, you will retain that customer for a long time.