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Creating a Company Logo

A company's logo embodies its identity. It's often the first impression a new customer will get as to what a business or corporate is all about. Even a corporate logo can convey a tone that speaks to your image. Through the use of color, choice of font and possibly something iconic that will, over time with repeated exposure, come to represent your company. Logos helps brand your business and can visually set yourself apart from competitors.

Decide what elements are important to the design of your logo. What message do you want to communicate? Who are you targeting? What is the personality of your business?

While it may be easy to use clip art in your design, doing so squanders an opportunity to be original and to make a statement about your company. It may be beneficial to hire a designer whether through a firm or freelance to create an original image that sets your company apart from others. Remember that this design is an invaluable investment into your company, especially if it will be used for years to come. It's important to use a design that will stand up for decades and not to look to what's "hip" at the moment.

Make sure that your logo is easily reproduced and that it will look good no matter how large or small. If there is too much detail, it can be lost when the logo is scaled down. If too many colors are used, they will be indecipherable when converting to black and white or to foil imprints. Using more than one or two colors can also add extra costs when printing stationery or business greeting cards; remember that these mediums have limits in production and may not be able to replicate a complex logo without making adjustments to the art itself. A clean, simple symbol works well for you and for the businesses you choose to print that symbol.

When your logo is complete, don't forget to have it trademarked. This allows you to use it anywhere you choose to while preventing its use by other companies.

When it is time to send out your annual Christmas cards or other business greeting cards, take the opportunity to put your company logo inside the cards to increase your brand's exposure.